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Renaissance Teacher Work Samples

The Renaissance TWS Group is a consortium of teacher preparation institutions that are using teacher work samples as a tool for instruction and performance assessment of teacher candidates and are committed to promotion and development of work samples through sharing of information, materials, expertise, and research. 

The Charter members of the Renaissance TWS Group are:

All are members of the larger Renaissance Group of about 30 institutions dedicated to “all university” preparation of teachers.  Most of the Renaissance TWS Group were members of the Renaissance Partnership for Improving Teacher Quality, a six-year project that operated from 1999 to 2005, and was supported by the Title II Improving Teacher Quality Program.

The two primary vehicles for communication and interaction are this web site and semi-annual meetings held in connection with Renaissance Group fall and spring conferences.  In addition, the Renaissance TWS Group provides workshops and scheduled training opportunities for the development and use of teacher work sample methodology.

This web site is designed to provide information related to (1) the development and promotion of teacher work samples, (2) the use of teacher work samples to improve teacher preparation and accountability for candidate’s ability to impact P-12 learning, and (3) research that improves practice and establishes validity and reliability of teacher work samples.

The Renaissance TWS Group has developed and maintains this web site for the use of its members and all colleagues who are using or plan to use teacher work samples for improving their teacher programs. All of the information and materials provided on this web site are in the public domain and may be downloaded for your use provided you give full credit to the authors or developers. Any use of materials on this website for sale or profit is strictly prohibited.

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