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Avoid Scholarship Scams

Unscrupulous businesses use lines such as those below to hook unwary students and their parents:

1: "We do all the work." A company may be able to help you locate scholarships, but nobody can apply for those awards but you.

2: "The scholarship will cost money." By definition, scholarships are "free money." You shouldn't have to pay to apply for them.

3: "You can't get this information anywhere else." Legitimate organizations that give out scholarships want the whole world to know about their award, so they won't keep it quiet or limit the information to a select few potential recipients.

4: "Results guaranteed or your money back." Money-back guarantees are not to be trusted. Guarantees can be worded so you never get your money back.

5: "You've been selected to receive this scholarship." or you are a finalist for a scholarship that you never applied for. Check with your colleges financial aid office and your school counselor to make sure the scholarship exists and is legitimate.

6: "I need your credit card and checking account number to hold this scholarship." Legitimate scholarships cannot be held for anyone. Don't give your financial information over the telephone unless you have contacted the organization yourself.   Get the information in writing first. If you give a company your financial information, they may make a withdrawal from your account without your permission.

-based on information from the Federal Trade commission

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 Last Modified 12/6/18