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Patient Rights

As a patient at the Western Kentucky University Program of Dental Hygiene Clinic you have the right to:

•    receive oral health care based on high levels of professional knowledge, judgment, and skill

•    receive treatment in an environment that minimizes the risk of harm

•    receive treatment without discrimination

•    receive treatment that will be provided in a confidential manner and will remain confidential

•    continuity and completion of your treatment

•    be treated in a respectful manner

•    be treated in an ethical manner employing the highest standards of care

•    be provided with the information necessary to make informed decisions about your oral health

•    fully participate in treatment decisions and goals

•    be informed in advance of the cost of treatment

•    receive referral to other oral health care providers when your needs are beyond our ability or scope of practice

•    receive education about your specific oral health care needs

•    an explanation of recommended treatment, treatment alternatives, the option to refuse treatment, the risk of no treatment, and expected outcomes of various treatments

•    be informed of policies on bloodborne and infectious diseases.


The treatment performed is determined by the student's treatment plan in consultation with the clinic instructor.  The patient's needs and the student's instructional need are considered in this determination.

Treatments performed in our clinic MAY include the following:

1.    Vital signs
2.    Intra-Extra Oral Examinations
3.    Individualized Homecare Instructions
4.    Dental Charting
5.    Periodontal Charting
6.    Prophylaxis (Scaling and Polishing)
7.    Periodontal Maintenance Procedures
8.    Appliance Cleaning
9.    Fluoride Treatment
10.    Amalgam Polishing
11.    Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation
12.    Local Anesthesia Administration
13.    Desensitizing Treatment
14.    Tooth Vitality Testing
15.    Fabrication of Study Models
16.    Radiographs (bitewings, periapicals, occlusal, and panoramic)
17.    Intraoral Photos
18.    Sealants
19.    Dietary Counseling
20.    Tobacco Cessation
21.    Referral (as necessary)

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