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Course Codes

Colonnade Course Codes

Course code designations (AH, NS, OC, QR, SB, SL, WC, SC, SY, LG) appear at the end of the course description in the WKU Undergraduate Catalog for General Education courses.  These codes are used to clearly communication which courses are approved for general education and for tracking purposes.  They indicate the general education requirement(s) that the course fulfill.  The codes can be interpreted as meeting the following General Education Requirements: 

KY State (and CPE) Code Designations:

AH =  Arts and Humanities

NS = Natural Sciences

OC = Oral Communication

QR = Quantitative Reasoning

SB = Social and Behavioral Sciences

SL = Science Lab

WC = Written Communication

Note:  Transfer students from KY public institutions (including WKU) indicate the code either on the transcript or as an attachment to the transcript.  Institutional catalogs also denote the code with each general education course. WKU will accept the coded courses as meeting part of the requirements for general education based on the code when the course was completed. 


WKU Internal Code Designations:

K-SC = Connections:  Social & Cultural

K-LG = Connections:  Local to Global

K-SY = Connections: Systems



The Kentucky General Education Transfer Policy (2012) provides guidelines for the transfer of general education coursework between Kentucky public postsecondary institutions.  These guidelines include the above code and are summarized below: 

  • Fully Certified - All general education requirements are completed (AA and AS degrees guarantee full certification, the AAS does not fully certify).
  • Core Certified – The 30 hours of core general education is completed, and remaining general education requirements are still required (Connections courses at WKU).
  • Category Certified – One or more of the above categories is completed (e.g., AH Category Certified indicates no additional courses are required in the AH category)
  • Course Certified – The category is not complete, but a course in that category applies to that category (the CPE codes are provided above). 

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