Western Kentucky University

Gender & Women's Studies WKLT Camp Schedule

Workshop Leaders & Counselors 2011


Women’s Camp

Jeanie Adams-Smith (WKU Dept. of Photojournalism), Photography

Mary Ann Bokkon (Educational Opportunity Centers), Financing Higher Education

Kristi Branham, Women’s Camp Counselor

Lauren Cunningham, Women's Camp Counselor

Kim Cunningham (BGCC), Interivew Skills

Shelly Glorioso, Tales & Beads, Journal Decoration

Sylvia Davis, Tie-Dye T-shirts

Jane Olmsted (Women's Studies), Goal-Setting & Orientation

Trish Lindsey Jaggers, “Yourself on the Page” Journal Workshop

Lauren Cunningham (Noizejoi), Music

Elizabeth Lyons (Bowling Green Technical College), Financing Higher Education

Margaret Crowder (WKU Chemistry Dept.), Chemistry Magic Show & Science Project

Elizabeth Madariaga (WKU Counseling & Testing), “Lovesick Blues”

Susan Morris, Drumming

Leslie Nichols, Art Project

Jane Olmsted (WKU Women’s Studies & English Dept.), Tales & Beads

Elaine Walker (Secretary of State), Civic Engagement


Kids’ Camp

Jeanie Adams-Smith (WKU Dept. of Photojournalism), Photography

Elaina Carlson, Counselor

Stefani Combs, Counselor

Elizabeth Grant, Sonnet Monsters/Abstract Art

Hilary Harlan, Journal Reflection

Meagan Harris, Counselor

Leah Railey, Story in a Box

Casey Sloan, Plaster Hands

Whitnee Thorp, Counselor

Robyn Woodard, Robyn's Rap

David Coffey & Cecile Garmon, Masks & Communication

David Young, Theatre Improv

Neal Downing - Architecture Activity

Bruce Kessler, Math-i-nator

Steve White, Recording Studio

Andee Rudloff, Canvas Art Project

Margaret Crowder (WKU Chemistry Dept.), Making a Volcano & Tie-Dye Goggles

Sylvia Davis, Tie-Dye T-shirts

Rachel Campbell, Planetarium

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