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Recycling at WKU

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Single Stream Recycling

Single stream recycling means that most recycling commodities can be combined into one container, making recycling seamless and easier than ever. At WKU, we put paper, plastics #1-7, aluminum, tin, and small cardboard into one container. We separate out larger cardboard, like shipping boxes. We do not recycle plastic bags, styrofroam, or glass (on main campus). When you put all your recyclables into one container on campus, it gets sorted out off site and recycled. Learn all about what happens to the recycling when it leaves WKU here.

Items we cannot currently Recycle include styrofoam and glass.
Single Stream Recycling


Electronic Recycling

WKU Recycling and Surplus handles the disposal of scrap metal, single stream recycling, glass recycling, and e-waste. We work with a company that take the items off site for recycling. We are not currently seeking a new e-scrap provider. Please do not contact us about buying our old electronics. All departments needing to surplus electronics or recycle broken electronics should place a surplus pick up request. Learn about what happens to our electronics recycling here.

Community Recycling

WKU Recycling and Surplus invites you to use the community recycling bins located behind the Service and Supply Building (where surplus is located) on campus. At the community recycling bins, we take all single stream commodities ( paper, plastics #1-7, aluminum, and tin) in one container. We have a separate container for glass and another for flattened cardboard.

Community Bins

Recycling Requests

See a bin overflowing? Need a temporary bin for your office for cleaning it out? If you have a recycling request please send an email to recycling@wku.edu. Please include location information and a contact person.

 Overloaded Recycling Truck

Recycling Printer Toner

WKU Recycling and Surplus will recycle your old and empty toner cartridges. You can submit a surplus pick up request for it or place it beside your building's recycling bins. If you are not sure where your recycling bins are located for your building, please email recycling@wku.edu. Learn what happens to printer toner when it gets recycled here.

 Last Modified 7/23/13