Western Kentucky University

Department of Psychology



Current Research

Accounting for Changes in the Social Decision Making of College Students
This longitudinal study is accounting for moral judgment growth of college students during their years at WKU.  It accounts for a host of influential factors such as experiences prior to college, academic standing, major, campus involvement, living situation, friendship networks, and work experiences. 

Exploration of the Relationship between Social Decision Making and Cognitive Processing
This correlational study addresses how attentional abilities relate to moral judgment.  Deficits have been observed in our attentional skills recently.  Because moral judgment development is influenced in part by our cognitive-intellectual abilities, this study questions whether deficits in attention correspond with deficits in moral judgment development.  

Addressing the Relationship between Self presentation and Social Decision Making
Developing technologies such as social networking websites, smart phones, and media players are ubiquitous in our lives today.  These technologies have created new formats and venues for self-presentation and socialization.  This study is designed to consider how using such technologies for presentation and socialization may relate to moral judgment development and moral self-understanding. 

Improving the Measurement of Moral Self-Understanding
There are a host of considerations involved in the measurement of moral self-understanding.  This study is attempting to develop a new and more parsimonious means for doing so.

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