Western Kentucky University

Psychological Sciences

Lifespan Social Cognition Lab

Lab Personnel

Dr. Andrew Mienaltowski
Assistant Professor
Lab Director
Research Interests: Aging, emotion, and social cognition

Nicole Chambers
Psychological Science Graduate Student
Research Interests: Emotion and neuroscience

Rebecca Wittman
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
Research Interests: Emotion and the social consequences of psychopathology

Lab alumni

  • Alex Boswell (University of Nevada – Reno Experimental Psychology Graduate Student)
  • Heather Dahlgren (WKU Experimental Psychology Masters Graduate)
  • Ellen Johnson (WKU Experimental Psychology Masters Graduate)
  • Brian Lee (WKU Clinical Psych Masters Graduate)
  • Hayley Reddington (WKU Psychology Graduate)
  • Cassie Sturycz (WKU Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
  • Anne-Taylor Wilson (WKU Psychology Graduate)


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