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Psychological Sciences Faculty and Staff - Andrew Mienaltowski

Dr. Andrew Mienaltowski

Dr. Andrew Mienaltowski

Associate Professor; JUMP Program and Psi Chi Advisor

Office:  GRH 3037
Phone:  270-745-2353
Email:  andrew.mienaltowski@wku.edu

Research Interests

My research examines how emotion recognition skills change in adulthood. This includes how people recognize emotions in the facial expressions of others, the use of Event Related Potential (ERP) to capture biobehavioral responses to emotional stimuli, and how people perceive emotions in social situations. My research also includes examining how aging influences decision making and everyday problem solving. 

Currently, the Lifespan Social Cognition Lab is working on projects examining the impact that emotions have on decisions involving others as well as on projects examining age differences in the neurocorrelates associated with facial emotion perception.

Please contact me by phone or e-mail or stop by my office if you are interested in chatting about our projects. If you are a student who is interested in possibly gaining some research experience, please drop by my office or send me an e-mail and we can set up an appointment to talk. 


  • PSYS 100 - Introductory Psychology and Honors Introductory Psychology
  • PSYS 313 - Statistics in Psychology
  • PSYS 405 - Cognitive Psychology
  • PSYS 423 - Psychology of Adult Life and Aging
  • PSYS 523 - Advanced Topics in Cognition

Teaching Interests

My teaching interests include instruction on the psychological processes that change as we grow older (e.g., cognitive, social, and emotional development). Senior citizens are a valuable part of our community, so I am committed to helping students learn about those factors underlying the decisions and lifestyles of today's active seniors.


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