Western Kentucky University

Administrative Openings

Dean of the College of Health and Human Services
Search Committee


Cheryl Stevens

Dr. Cheryl Stevens
Chair - Dean of Ogden College of Science and Engineering
Phone:  270.745.6371

Johnny Chan

Dr. Johnny Chan
Professor - Finance
Phone:  270-745-2977

 Vijay Golla

Dr. Vijay Golla
Associate Professor, Public Health
Phone:  270.745-2448

Nancy Mager

Ms. Nancy Mager
Director of Sponsored Programs
Phone:  270.745.6257

 Jill Maples

Ms. Jill Maples
Assistant Professor, Kinesiology, Recreation & Sport
Phone:  270.745.4339

 Clay Motley

Dr. Clay Motley
Associate Director, Honors
Phone:  270.745.6021

Laura Riche

Ms. Laura Ricke
Director, Academic Outreach / DELO
Phone:  270.745-2481

Bruce Schulte

Dr. Bruce Schulte
Department Head, Biology
Phone:  270.745.4856

   Beverly Siegrist
Dr. Beverly Siegrist
Professor, School of Nursing
Phone:  270.745.3490

Saundra Starks

Dr. Saundra Starks
Associate Professor, Social Work
Phone:  270.745.2692

Ms. Jessica Steenbergen
Scheduling Applications Coordinator - Academic Affairs
Phone:  270.745.2802

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