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Portraits of the WKU Writing Project

The Western Kentucky University Writing Project

The following Portraits of students, their writing, and their teachers are intended to document some of the exemplary work being done by WKU Writing Project teachers in grades K-12. You will find

  • Portraits of student writers
  • Portraits of their teachers
  • Writing assignments
  • Student texts
  • What students believe about the assignment that helped them learn
  • What teachers did to help students learn writing

Project teachers who are interested in submitting additional exemplary work by their students should use the link at the bottom of this page for submission information.

Thank you, and enjoy these Portraits.



"Delicate Flower" (poem)  (PDF)

Iowa by Slipknot (review)   (PDF)

"The Locker Room" (poem)    (PDF)

The Night the Whole Class Slept Over by Stella Pevsner (review)   (PDF)

"Summer Day Dreams" (poem)   (PDF)

"San Antonio" (poem)   (PDF)

"To My Dearest Grandfather" (poem)   (PDF)

"You Chose Loneliness" (poem)   (PDF)



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