Western Kentucky University

Writing Process: Prewriting

The WKU Writing Project


The Curious Researcher: A Guide to Writing Research Papers

Ballenger, Bruce

The Curious Writer

Ballenger, Bruce

Questioning:  A Path to Critical Thinking

Christenbury, Leila

Research and Composing:  Points of Departure

Comprone, Joseph  J.

The Art of Wondering

Covino, William A.

The Writer's Options: Combining to Composing

Daiker, Donald A.

Process and Thoughts in Composition (3rd ed.)

Making Sense, Shaping Meaning

D'Angelo, Frank J.

Research in the Classroom

Donoahue, Zoe, Mary Ann Van Tassell, & Leslie Patterson

Observing and Writing

Hillocks, George, Jr.

Approaches to Writing

Horgan, Paul 

Designing and Sequencing Prewriting Activities

Johannessen, Larry R., et al.

The Bedford Guide to the Research Process

Johnson, Jean

Prewriting:  Strategies for Exploration and Discovery

Clear Thinking for Composition

Kytle, Ray

The Research Paper

Littell, Joy

How Writers Write

Lloyd, Pamela

Perspectives:  On Research and Scholarship in Composition

McClelland, Ben W., & Timothy R. Donovan

Teaching Students to Think Critically

Meyers, Chet

Envisioning Writing

Olson, Janet L.

The New Diary

Rainer, Tristine

Writing the Natural Way: Using Right-Brain Techniques to Release Your  Expressive Powers

Rico, Gabriele L.

Talking into Writing: Exercise for Basic Writers

Rubin, Dorthy, & William M. Dodd

Learning Together Through Inquiry

Short, Kathy G.

The Authentic Voice:  A Prewriting Approach to Student Writing

Stewart, Donald C.


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