Western Kentucky University

Group Work

The WKU Writing Project

Group Work

Buddy Reading

Samway, Katharine D.

Collaboration & Writing

Styles, Morag

Literature Circles

Daniels, Harvey

Literature Study Circles in a Multicultural Classroom

Samway, Katharine D., & Gail Whang

Peer Response Groups in Action:  Writing Together in Secondary Schools

Spear, Karen

Peer Tutoring in Basic Writing:  A Tutor's Journal

Goldsby, Jackie


Bray, Errol

Partnerships for Classroom Learning

Girard, Suzanne, & Kathlene R. Willing

The Process of Group Communication

Applbaum, Ronald

Reading and Writing Together:  Collaborative Literacy in Action

Steineke, Nancy

Small Groups in Writing Workshops

Brooke, Robert

Writing Class: Teacher and Students Writing Together

Friss, Dick

Write-On:  A Conference Approach to Writing

Parry, Jo Ann, & David Hornsby

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