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Culture and Diversity

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Culture and Diversity


Walker, Frank X

Attitudes, Languages, and Change

Gere, Anne R., & Eugene Smith

Buffalo Dance: The Journey of York

Walker, Frank X

The Bully

Langan, Paul

Composing a Culture

Sunstein, Bonnie

Differentiated Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesn't Fit All

Gregory, Gayle H. and Carolyn Chapman

Differentiated Instructional Strategies in Practice: Training, Implementation, and Supervision

Gregory, Gayle H.

The Discovery of Competence:  Teaching and Learning with Diverse Student Writers

Kutz, Eleanor, et al.

Eating of the Street: Teaching Literacy in a Multicultural Society

Schaafsman, David

Ethnographic Eyes: A Teacher's Guide to Classroom Observation

Frank, Carolyn

How to Respond to Your Culturally Diverse Student

Wyman, Sarah LaBrec

Language and Public Policy

Rank, Hugh

Literature Study Circles in a Multicultural Classroom

Samway, Katharine D., & Gail Whang

Multicultural Fables and Fairy Tales

McCarthy, Tara

Open Minds to Equality

Schniedewind, Nancy, & Ellen Davidson

The Pitch: How to Analyze Ads

Rank, Hugh

Reading, Writing, Region

Miller, Jim W.

Reinventing English

Gaughan, John

Seeking Diversity

Rief, Linda

Shadow and Substance:  Afro-American Experience in Comtemporary Children's Fiction

Sims, Rudine

Shades of Gray: Dispatches from the Modern South

                                        Egerton, John

Under the Whole Language Umbrella

Flurkey, Alan D.

Who's Invited to Share:  Using Literacy to Teach for Equity and Justice

Henkin, Roxanne

Writing Across Cultures

Kovacs, Edna

Writing Your Heritage

Dixon, Deborah, Freedman, Sarah W.

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