Western Kentucky University

11/26/2010 Agenda

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November 16, 2010 -- 3:45 p.m.
Academic Affairs Conference Room/Wetherby 2nd Floor


I.  Call to Order

II.  Approval of 10/28/2010 Minutes

III.  Report from the Chair

IV.  Old Business

      A.  UCC Guidelines

      B.  Steering Subcommittee Report

      C.  Appointment of Academy Policy Subcommittee

V.  New Business

      A.  PCAL

          i.  Information  ii.  Consent  iii.  Action

          iv.  Action : ENG 410

      B.  UC

          i.  Consent

          ii.  Action

      C.  CEBS

          i.  Action

      D.  OCSE

          i.  Action

      E.  CHHS

          i.  Action

VI.  Announcements

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