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 The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) is a standing committee of the University Senate. Composed of regular and advisory members representing the faculty, administration, and student body, the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee makes recommendation "to the University Senate concerning university-wide [undergraduate] academic policies" and reviews "particular [undergraduate] programs and courses to determine whether they meet the established standards." (Charter of the University Senate, 2001, 6) Specific functions of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee are covered by the UCC Bylaws Section IV. The Charter of the University Senate and the Bylaws of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee govern operation of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. The mission of the UCC is not simply to consider the passage of undergraduate curricular and academic proposals but to insure the development of high quality undergraduate courses, programs, and academic policies that will help the University full its academic mission.

Temporary Course Proposals

PHIL 211 Why Are bad People Bad ?

A Study of enduring questions about the darker side of human nature - such as whether people born bad and whether people are born for vice and evil-providing a philosophical anaylsis of a wide range of examples from disciplines such as history,theology,literature,criminology,sociology,psychology and neuroscience.

Posted on 03/17/2014

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