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The WKU Student Senate meets at 5 p.m. every Tuesday in Garret Conference Room 203.



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The Executive Branch consists of three elected officers (President, Executive Vice President, and Administrative Vice President) and four appointed officials (Chief of Staff, Director of Public Relations, Director of Information Technology, and Director of Academic and Student Affairs).

It is charged with the responsibility of carrying out the policies and directives established by the Student Senate. It also makes proposals on matters of policy and can recommend plans of action.

In addition, the Executive Branch consists of two office associates (Bekka Ross and Liz Koehler).

The budget of WKU SGA can be viewed here.

Keyana Boka ( Office: 270-745-2475, Personal: 270-991-2101 )

Student Body President & Student Regent

Mark Reeves ( Office: 270-745-2475, Personal: 502-648-9232 )

Executive Vice President & Student Life Foundation Member

Nikki Seay ( Office: 270-745-2475, Personal: 270-881-8885 )

Administrative Vice President
Organizational Aid Board Chairman
University Budget Council


Brad Cockrel

Chief of Staff

Hannah Garland

Director of Academic and Student Affairs

Sarah Hazelip

Director of Information Technology

Laura Harper

Director of Public Relations

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