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Worksite Health Promotion

Minor in Worksite Health Promotion

The minor in Worksite Health Promotion (reference number 495) requires a minimum of 18 semester hours. This minor provides a basic foundation for students desiring preparation in worksite health promotion and prevention. The minor in Worksite Health Promotion may be used in combination with many majors to enhance a student's career opportunities and as preparation for graduate study in a variety of health disciplines. All courses in the minor must be completed with a minimum grade of "C".

Core Requirements (18 hours):

Class                 Course Title and Credit Hours                                                     

ENV 120            Intro to Occupational Safety & Health, 3 hrs

PH 261              Foundations of Health Education, 3 hrs

PH 381              Community Health, 3 hrs

PH 390              Wellness and Fitness Assessment, 3 hrs

PH 402              Worksite Health Promotion, 3 hrs

PE 100               Fundamentals of Physical Activity, 3 hrs

                                                                                     Total: 18 hrs

For More Information, Contact:

Dr. Cecilia Watkins

Associate Professor, Department of Public Health

AC 129 F


(270) 745-4796




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