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Psychological Sciences - Lance Hahn

Dr. Lance Hahn

Dr. Lance Hahn

Associate Professor

Office:  GRH 3022
Phone:  270-745-6314
Email:  lance.hahn@wku.edu

Research Interests

I am interested in the semantic relationships underlying word recognition. I use a very multidisciplinary approach that includes behavioral measures, computational models and constraints suggested from the neuroscience literature. One goal of my research is to improve our understanding of how word recognition is influenced by the semantic relationships between words.

My long-term objectives include the empirical study and computational modeling of group and individual differences in word recognition. An understanding of individual differences in word recognition could have a very broad impact on assessing reading skills and identifying readers with specific deficits. By using a multidisciplinary approach and having long-range objectives that are clearly relevant to education, I hope to engage a large and diverse group of students.

While my primary interest is in computational neuroscience with a focus on distributed adaptive systems which can model the semantic processes underlying word recognition I am also interested in visual neuroscience, computational modeling and method development.

Courses Taught at WKU

  • PSY 100 - Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYS 480(G) - Physiological Psychology
  • PSY 490 - Independent Study in Psychology
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