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Forms, Print CSS is now live

LDP Forms are now live and ready to use.  You can add a form to any template except any Addon type page (staff, news, or calendar) and you can not add it to a gallery page except with the fade gallery.  You can add a form to the middle of a fade gallery template.

We have created a self-help page for forms.  Now you should see a new Asset Type - Managed Forms.

One issue we have reported is when you make an element required, add text in the validation field and then save the form asset it will not display that validation text when you open the asset back up.  If you were to click it as not required and the check it as required again it will display properly within the asset.

The print stylesheet is now in place as well.  Now when you print (anything except an addon page) you will no longer see the red header and footer.  It also takes all navigation out of the printed page.  When there is a link it will include the actual link beside the linked text in Firefox.  IE does not respect those attributes so in IE it will not print the link beside the text.

Please remember those who modify styles that there is no longer a class of main within the page.  They have been changed to the classes listed below:

  • main_425 - hybridnav 3 column and leftnav 3 column
  • main_635 - topnav 2 column and 2 column
  • main_735 - hybridnav 2 column and leftnav 2 column
  • main_950 - topnav 1 column and 1 column

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email webmaster@wku.edu.  We will also be doing a demo LDP forms and the Dependency Manager (which will be released November 14th)at the Web Council Meeting on  Friday, November 11th in DUC 340 from 2-3.

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