Western Kentucky University

Master of Music in Pedagogy

Master of Music in Pedagogy

(30 hour program)

Leads to National Certification by Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)

Pedagogy Core 12 hours

MUS 520   Advanced Pedagogy  3 hrs
MUS 513   Ind. Dir. Study/Music Ed  3 hrs
MUS 538   Ind. Dir. Study/Theory Lit  3 hrs
MUS 625  Graduate Capstone Project  3 hrs

Music Core 15 hours
MUS 500   Theory Seminar  3 hrs
MUS 530   Music Literature  3 hrs
MUS 525   Music and the Human Experience  3 hrs
MUS 511   Research Methods in Music  3 hrs
MUS 553   Applied Music Principal  3 hrs
Ensemble    1 hr

Electives 3 hours
MUS 512   Music Education Worshop  3 hrs
MUS 513   Ind. Dir. Study/Music Ed  3 hrs
MUS 550   Applied Music Secondary  1 hr
MUS 553   Applied Music Principal  2 hrs
Performing Ensembles selected from:   MUS 540, 541, 544, 545, 547, 548, 571, 574  1 hr


Program Exit Requirements:

Graduate Capstone Project Candidates must successfully complete MUS 625- Graduate Capstone Pedagogy Project. The Capstone Pedagogy Project will include: Lecture recital and corresponding research paper OR Pedagogy Action Research Project with presentation of Research Findings to the Graduate Music Pedagogy Faculty. A grade of B or better must be earned. Oral Comprehensive Exam The graduate pedagogy student will be required to take a comprehensive oral exam. This type of exam approach will demonstrate a student’s ability to orally problem solve in the discipline of music, which includes historical, analytical and pedagogical applications. A committee of graduate music faculty will assess each candidate’s oral exam using a 1(low) to 4 (high) scoring rubric. A passing score of 3 or higher is needed to pass the exam graduation requirement.

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