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Athletics & Coaches

Athletes have a unique position on college campuses---they often are seen as student leaders. They multi-task, are often driven, get up early for practice and pre-season sessions. With these pressures and balancing so many tasks---athletes often experience additional stress or have difficulty keeping up with demands from their parents, coaches, professors and friends.

Counseling offers a way for student athletes to be there manage their lives given the high demands placed on them. Counseling services are paid for as part of student's tuition, are confidential (no information goes to parents or coaches without student's permission).

Suggestions for coaches, trainers.

You have a special role in the lines of your student athletes. They listen to you and your suggestions. If you give them the impression counseling is an OK choice, they will believe you.

You can help the student overcome the idea counseling is just for the "weak". Counseling, like practice and training---provides students skills for future games. In counseling, the skills learned of support received provide the student the tools needed to better manage their obligation academic, social, practice and games.

If you notice a behavior (drinking, anger, isolation, social conflicts) with a student, consider a referral to counseling to help address these problems that impact the quality of their play.

 Last Modified 2/6/14