Western Kentucky University

Counselling & Student Affairs

Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling Practicum and Internship Information

CNS 591 and 596


Please follow the directions for completing and submitting each form. The directions are located at the bottom of each form. All documents must be in PDF format and submitted electronically via e-mail.


*: Microsoft Word files marked with an asterisk (*) are forms where only certain fields can be edited.

Directions for working with the Forms

  • Make a folder on your computer for "Practicum and Internship forms"
  • Right click on each link above and choose "save as", and save the file to the folder you created in the above step.
  • After you have saved all the files, go to the folder where you just saved the files, find the file you want to print, or edit and edit it there.
  • After editing a file, you can attach it to email or print it out, or save it for future editing.
 Last Modified 6/13/14