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Big Red Working in the Shop with Big Red Bikes

Big Red at Velorution

Big Red Bikes Workshop on One Planet Day 4.22.11

BRB Expansion Made Possible By The Paula Nye Memorial Education Grant from the Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeways Commission

Masterplan Bike Ride

Our Lil' Big Red Bikes at the Arbor Day Festival

One of our new bike fix-it stands located at the Creason Lot

Our bike fix-it stands come with a bar code scan to help bikers with any instructions needed

  • WKU Big Red Bikes seeks to make bicycling more accessible at WKU by providing free, refurbished bicycles at no cost to WKU students, staff, and faculty.
  • The bicycles can be checked-out for a period of one week and renewed  (for a rental period of 14 days at a time) from the Office of Sustainability located at 503 Regents Avenue, beside Gary Ransdell Hall.   Helmets and locks are also available. For the summer, bikes can be checked out and returned between the hours of 8-1 Monday- Thursday. Please bring your WKU ID.  Per this is a bike sharing program, we do not rent for the whole semester. (We have rented out all bikes available for the summer.  Check back with us on the first week of the fall semester)
  • Big Red Bikes is a GreenToppers project and is housed by the Office of Sustainability and receives funding support from the Parents Advisory Council and Department of Parking and Transportation and the Outdoor Recreation and Activities Center.
  • In 2011, Big Red Bikes received the Paula Nye Memorial Education Grant from the Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeways Commission with funds generated from the “Share the Road” license plates, which allowed for significant upgrade to the mechanic shop and expansion of the program. The grant was written by WKU Alum and past Big Red Bikes Coordinator, Nick Asher. 
  • In 2013, Big Red Bikes received a second grant from the Paula Nye Memorial Education Fund from the Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeways Commision.  Funds are generated from the "Share the Road" licence plates.  This grant will be used for expanding the mechanic shop, getting awareness out about bicycling, and by adding two fix-it bike stations on campus.  The grant was written by WKU student and Big Red Bikes Coordinator, Madonna L. May.
  • Big Red Bikes have installed two bike fix-it stands on the WKU campus.  One is located at south campus off Campbell Lane, and the other is located at the Creason Lot.  Both stations are near BG Greenways and are ready for use.  The bike stations were made possible with funds from the Paula Nye Memorial Grant.
Big Red Bikes Coordinator is
Madonna Manco May.
Contact her at: bikes@wku.edu
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