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WKU students compete at the American Model United Nations Conference in Chicago

Seventeen WKU students represented Bolivia at the 23rd meeting of the American Model United Nations conference in Chicago, November 23-26.  Our delegation team represented Bolivia on five general assembly committees, two Economic and Social Council committees and a special committee on peacekeeping.  They covered pressing global issues such as counter-terrorism, the rights of the child, torture, poverty eradication and sustainable development.  Congratulations to all of our students for their hard work.  Special congratulations to Rebecca McPhearson and Chelsea Cornett who were awarded with the outstanding delegation of the conference for the General Assembly Third Committee.  This is a special achievement in a conference of over 100 universities and colleges participating.


Students who participated in the conference were Mallory Treece, Kimberly Adkins, Jacob Keith, Rebecca McPhearson, Sabrina Heinrich, Maya LeMaster, Luke Jean, Tyler Prochazka, Bailey Mack, Katie Stafford, Hatim, Alamri, Megan Skaggs, Hayley Hilbert, Chase Thomas, Chelsea Cornett, Samira Asad, Alexandra Schulte, Jaclyn Stewart


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