Western Kentucky University

Jacob Crowley

Jacobe Crowley

"My decision to become an academically trained Folklorist was quite simply the most natural and progressive next step, based on my love of cultural studies and passion for documenting people." 

Jacobe smiles while holding his guitar and sitting outside on the grass.

Educational Highlights:

Jacobe has earned two baccalaureate diplomas and three degrees from Western Kentucky University, one in Religious Studies, and the other double majoring in English Literature and Communication Studies. He also has a minor in Creative Writing.


Next at WKU:

Jacobe is passionately pursuing the thesis track that will involve extensively researching, conducting fieldwork, and documenting foodways. He is also excited to continue his study of belief in the paranormal.


On the Inside:

Jacobe is originally from Owensboro, Kentucky. He has enjoyed practicing martial arts for over 15 years and has black belts in Aikido and Taekwondo. Some of his other hobbies include cooking, movies, fiction writing, singing, time with his girlfriend, being outdoors, and strumming on his guitar.


Jacobe in a Word: Ambitious

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