Western Kentucky University

Jack LeSieur

Jack LeSieur

"Folklore is probably the only thing that fully encompasses most, if not all, of my interests; it is really the only logical area of study for me." 

Jack LeSieur
Educational Highlights:

Jack earned his B.A. in Anthropology with a concentration in Cultural Resource Management from Western Kentucky University. During his undergraduate education, Jack worked on an oral history and archaeological project that documented remains at the historic asphalt mining plant and town of Kyrock, Kentucky. 

Next at WKU:

Jack's folklore interests are many. They include: material culture, ethnomusicology, Appalachian studies, vernacular architecture, moonshining, foodways, Native American culture, Native American rock art, and banjos.

On the Inside:

Jack is from Brownsville, Kentucky. He plays banjo, keyboard, washboard, and djembe in a band called Red River George. Jack collects obscure objects, antiques, and instruments. He also has a beautiful cat named Boris, a mean chameleon named Larry, and a parrot named Rubin that repeats everything. They all keep Jack entertained.

Jack in a Word: Eccentric 

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