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Class Projects

Class Projects

Our students do some pretty cool projects as part of their classes.


Allen County High School Project

Dr. Evan's Folklore and Education class worked with Allen County High School Advanced Placement teachers and students to document folklife and oral history in Allen County.


Liberian Donation

Dr. Williams's Museum Procedures and Preservation Techniques class researched artifacts and developed an exhibit.  


The Gardner House

An early 19th century house that the department, and especially students, are working to restore, research, and document.  This gets double listing with students projects because students also work on it during their historical preservation classes.


Allen County Folklife and Oral History Project

In 2011, the Folk Studies and Anthropology Department received a grant to do a two year study of neighboring Allen County.  


Food Art

Just to have fun, the Foodway class has a food art contest.

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