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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy


Below are links to financial literacy websites for students and families.


Financial Literacy for Students

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy - Personal finance through every stage of life.

National Financial Educators Council

Money Counts - NPR programs on financing for young adults.



Financial Literacy for Adults and Families

Dave Ramsey- Radio talk show host and financial adviser.

My Money - Government website for money management.

Education Cents - Focuses on saving and paying for college.


Budgeting Tools

Balance Track - Money management information and tools.

Balance - Finance Fitness Program offers information on how to manage income, handle a budget and achieve financial goals.

Dave Ramsey Budgeting Tools - Tools to keep you on track and focused for managing your money and getting out of debt.

You Need A Budget - Free online classes and tools to help you set a budget an stick to it.

The Mint - A financial tool that pulls all your financial information into one place to help you save, invest, and budget wisely.  

 Last Modified 9/6/13