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Leadership Team Positions In CAB

Being selected for the Campus Activities Board Leadership Team is a major honor and responsibility.  CAB selects its Leadership Team(LT) yearly in April. LT members have the opportunity to lead committees, execute events, manage budgets, and effect the campus experience of every student at WKU.   

The Campus Activities Board(CAB) President and Vice Presidents are elected by a majority vote of the current Campus Activities Board Leadership Team. All three positions must be current members of the Campus Activities Board Leadership Team. All other CAB positions are filled via selection and appointed. Selection for a Leadership Team position in CAB is a competitive and highly selective process.


CAB LT Members Receive:

Exposure - LT members are exposed to campus leadership, administration, community partners.

Education - LT members are educated on leadership, team building, conflict resolution, event planning, assessment, marketing, and many other topics.

Experience - LT members receive "real world" experience planning events, leading a team, budgeting, marketing and promoting events.


CAB LT Members Are Required To:

Work Office Hours
Lead A Committee
Lead Committee Meetings
Attend All CAB Meetings
Attend and Work CAB Events
Attend Retreat and Conferences
Have Great Ideas!
Be A Leader!



President (Elected)
Vice President, Member Relations (Elected)
Vice President, Public Relations (Elected)
Concert Committee Chair
Film Committee Chair
Late Night and Novelty Committee Chair
Lecture Committee Chair
Multicultural Student Interest Committee Chair
Special Events Committee Chair
Concert Committee, Assistant Chair
Public Relations Committee, Assistant Chair
Special Events Committee, Assistant Chair
CAB Intern(2)


Position Terms 

May - May(1 Year Term)



Application Deadline

(No Longer Accepting Applications) 


   Interview Date 

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President and Vice Presidents

Completed one year (2 Academic Semesters) as a CAB chair.
Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher.


All Other Leadership Team Positions 

Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.25 or higher.
Must Be a full time student at the time of selection.
Must be in good standing with the university.
Be enrolled as a full time student while in office and not be a member of faculty or staff.


 Last Modified 4/3/14