Western Kentucky University


Honors Classes


The Anthropology Program currently contributes to the Honors College in several ways through course offerings and thesis support.

First, anthropology faculty work individually with anthropology majors/minors in the Honors College to arrange and deliver Honors Augmented Courses. These are non-honors, upper-division (300- or 400-level) anthropology courses that allow students to more fully pursue subjects of particular interest. Students interested in augmenting an existing non-honors anthropology course should contact the instructor and complete the necessary paperwork through the Honors College.

Second, anthropology faculty members offer Stand Alone Courses in the Honors College. These typically are introductory-level courses in anthropology. These courses offer smaller class sizes and unique learning opportunities for Honors College students from all disciplines.

Third, anthropology faculty members often serve on Honors Thesis Committees for anthropology majors and minors in the Honors College. Anthropology faculty assist students with developing research proposals, applying for research funding, doing a review of literature, conducting field or laboratory research, writing the thesis, and preparing for the thesis defense.

 Last Modified 2/23/14