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Anthropology Faculty

Anthropology Faculty

There are four full-time, tenure-track faculty members in the Anthropology Program, who teach most of the anthropology courses. Some anthropology courses are taught by anthropology instructors and by faculty in folk studies and other university departments.

The Anthropology Program faculty hold terminal degrees in anthropology and are broadly trained in the four-field approach. We are committed to academic excellence and undergraduate education. Anthropology faculty serve as academic advisors to anthropology majors and minors and serve as faculty advisors to the two undergraduate anthropology organizations.


Current Faculty:



Darlene Applegate, Director of Anthropology

280 Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center, 745-5094



Jean-Luc Houle

312 Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center, 745-5910



Kate Hudepohl

235 Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center, 745-5842



Lindsey Powell

266 Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center, 745-5903



Lindsey Powell

Darlene Applegate

Kate Hudepohl
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