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AMS Facilities

Our Facilities

The facilities and related support equipment in the department are sufficient for instruction and applied research.

The department is housed in two separate facilities: the Industrial Education Building and the Environmental Sciences and Technology Building. The Industrial Education Building houses five laboratories, a student resource room equipped with computers, a conference room, a traditional classroom, and one office. Program areas served by the Industrial Education Building include Architectural Sciences, Construction Management, and CAD applications. Each of the laboratories has adjacent resource rooms and/or storage areas to support instructional activities. The building provides approximately 16,000 square feet of instructional area.

The Environmental Sciences and Technology Building (EST) houses four classrooms and six laboratories that serve the department's program areas. There are ten faculty offices, the departmental office, the department head's office, an office for the Architectural and Manufacturing Sciences Institute, offices for Graduate Assistants, and offices for the support technicians. There are conference rooms for meetings, a student resource room, and storage areas for each of the six laboratories. Program areas served by the EST building include Construction Management, Advanced Manufacturing, Technology Management, and Technology Education. Approximately 22,107 square feet of instructional and support area is devoted to the department in this building. Total departmental instructional area is 38,107 square feet.

Each year the department reviews and updates its goals and objectives. As part of the review process, the department identifies resources needed to accomplish the goals, and the source of funding. As funds become available through the university, various granting agencies, or regional business and industry, the department purchases equipment to update and maintain instructional facilities.

Every effort is made to reflect contemporary technology in all aspects of instruction within the financial limits of the department and institution. The administration has consistently supported the department's effort to update facilities though matching funds or by making allocations to establish completely new laboratories.

Faculty determine the appropriateness of equipment by visiting industry, visiting other institutions, reviewing comments from follow up studies, and staying current in their areas of expertise. Also, faculty frequently discuss facilities, equipment, and computer software needs with members of the industrial advisory board and other industrial professionals.

Computer Systems

AMS students at Western have access to computer facilities within the department and in various laboratories located across campus. Campus computer facilities provide students with basic office software, Web browsers, and email. The department has 167 computers not including faculty office computers. There are 4 dedicated computer laboratories having 112 computers primarily for architectural computer aided design (CAD). In addition, there are 45 computers used in the electronics/programmable logic control (PLC) lab and the automated manufacturing lab. Labs also have three computers dedicated to machines. There are five computers dedicated to the Architectural and Manufacturing Sciences Institute, and two laptops available to checkout by faculty and students.

The computer laboratories in the Industrial Education Building provide students with project, CAD, construction and architectural animation software. Computer laboratories in the Environmental Science and Technology Building provide office, CAM, PLC, and CAD software. The department’s computers are networked for file and print sharing. All campus and departmental laboratories are equipped with printers and plotters where necessary.

The university provides six main campus computer facilities, one facility in each of the extended campus locations, and one at the south campus. All are open Monday through Friday, several are open on weekends, and one is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week during the school session. Departmental computer laboratories are open 15 hours a week including time on weekends as needed.

AMS students use these computers systems in a variety of applications. Most student generated papers, reports, and presentations are completed using computer systems and software.

Architectural students take several courses using CAD software. In the architectural concentration, students complete approximately 50% of their assignments using CAD.

Construction students use office, project management, and estimating software throughout their coursework.

Manufacturing students use CAD to complete initial product designs and then download them to CAM software or makes rapid prototypes.

Other applications include office, statistical, and project management software.

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