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Become a Teacher

If you want to teach Children who are about age 5 to 10 years old, check out our program in Elementary Education. Elementary teachers in Kentucky teach children in primary grades (including kindergarten) through fifth grade (P-5 certification). The degree you will earn is the BS in Elementary Education.

You might also want to check out our programs in several content areas where the certification is for teaching the Primary grades through Grade 12 (P-12): Art, French, German, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish. Though you will be certified to teach these subjects at all the indicated grade levels, you may choose to teach only at a particular school level, such as elementary. To become certified to teach in these content areas, you will need to major in the chosen content area. Click here for more information about P-12 (secondary) certification.

For more information about completing a program leading to certification in Elementary Education, Grades P-5, click here.

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