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Cadet Handbook (working)

Chapter 1

ROTC History

Chapter 2

Battalion Cadre

Battalion Cadets

Chapter 3

Program Activities

Basic Course

Advance Course

Professional Military Education Requirements

Chapter 4

General Policies and Standards

Annex A

Battalion Cadre Positions

Annex B

Cadet Leadership Positions

Cadet Duties

Annex C

Military and Cadet rank

Annex D

Wearing of the Uniform

Annex E

Off campus Professional Development

Annex F


Annex G

Military Customs and Courtesies

Annex H

Cadet Command Traditions

Annex I

Values and Warrior Ethos

Annex J

Physical Fitness

Annex K

Training Aids

Code of Conduct

 Last Modified 7/23/13