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Physics and Astronomy
Western Kentucky University
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Dr. Ting-Hui Lee

Dr. Ting-Hui Lee

Visiting Assistant Professor

Office:  TCCW 215
Phone:  (270) 745-6472
Email:  ting-hui.lee@wku.edu
Website:  http://physics.wku.edu/~thlee


ASTR 104 - Astronomy of the Solar System
PHYS 130 - Acoustics of Music and Speech
PHYS 180 - Introductory Modern Physics
PHYS 181 - Introductory Modern Physics Laboratory
PHYS 231 - Introduction to Physics and Biophysics I
PHYS 232 - Physics and Biophysics I Laboratory
PHYS 233 - Physics and Biophysics II Laboratory
PHYS 266 - University Physics II Laboratory


Planetary Nebulae
Symbiotic Stars
Extrasolar Planets


Ph.D. University of Calgary Astrophysics 2004
M.S. National Central University Astronomy 1998
B.S. National Taiwan Normal University Earth Science 1994
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