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Dr. Edward Kintzel

Dr. Edward Kintzel

Associate Professor, Director of NOVA Center

Office:  Center for Research & Development, Campbell Lane Side
Phone:  (270) 745-6682
Email:  edward.kintzel@wku.edu
Website:  http://www.largechamber.com


I am interested in the use of neutron and x-ray scattering to investigate the structure and dynamics within a number of materials systems including thin film and porous media. Included in my interests is the fabrication of materials for alternative energy sources and CO2 sequestration.

Neutron Scattering
Molecular Dynamics in Confinement
Materials for Alternative Energy Sources
Materials for CO2 Sequestration


B.S. State University of New York at Buffalo Mathematical Physics 1998
M.S. Florida State University Physics 1999
Ph.D. Florida State University Physics 2002
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