Western Kentucky University

MSETM Planned Course Schedule

Planned Schedule of Courses


 Fall 2015

Spring 2014

Summer 2014

AMS 510 Emerging Technologies (TBD)

AMS 590 Operations Leadership (TBD)

AMS 571 Research Methods in TM (TBD)

AMS 650 Supply Chain Management (TBD)

AMS 520 Resource Management (FTF & 2BT)

AMS 540 Theory of Constraints (FTF & 2BT)

AMS 671 Quality Management (FTF & 1BT)

AMS 655 Project Management (FTF & 1BT)

AMS 530 Automated Data Collection

(Combination FTF/SS)






Fall 2014

 Spring 2015

 Summer 2015

AMS 580 Six Sigma Quality Assurance (FTF & 2BT)

AMS 590 Operations Leadership (FTF & 2BT)

AMS 571 Research Methods in TM (FTF & 1BT)

AMS 588 Product Development (FTF & 1BT)

AMS 671 Quality Management (TBD)

AMS 594 Lean Systems (TBD)

AMS 630 Legal & Ethical Issues in TM (TBD)

AMS 655 Project Management (TBD)

 AMS 520 Resource Management (FTF & SS)


AMS 599 Thesis hours are scheduled as mutually agreed upon with the student's thesis committee chair. Credit hours may be spread over multiple semesters.

1BT = 1st Bi-Term Online
2BT = 2nd Bi-Term Online
SS = Summer Session Online
TBD = To be Determined
Note: All Face-to-Face (FTF) sections are full semester courses, except summer

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