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Major in Film--36 hours Reference #667 (BA Degree) revised 6/2013             Catalog year fall 2013 and thereafter.

The major in film provides undergraduates a strong fundamental appreciation for cinema theory and criticism, as well as the practical skills to produce their own films. With the opportunity to complete coursework in a variety of disciplines, including English, broadcasting, theatre, and anthropology, the major features a strong interdisciplinary approach to the subject of cinema.

For prospective students interested in the minor in film studies please visit:  http://www.wku.edu/film-studies/index.php

Effective fall 2013, the major in film (reference number 667) requires a minimum of 36 credit hours and leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. The major is composed of required courses in both film production and film theory and appreciation, culminating in a 3-credit senior seminar. Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all required courses applied to the film major. One-half of the hours (18-hours) in the film major must be at the 300 or 400 level. Students are encouraged to participate in relevant study abroad opportunities.

A minor or a second major in another discipline outside the area of mass communication is required. No more than 6 hours in the film major may count toward a student’s minor.  Refer to the University catalog for more information.


Required courses:  (Pre-requisites in parentheses)Film Brochure

1) Core (24 hours)

Students must take each of the following courses:

FILM 201    Introduction to the Cinema or BCOM 271 prior to fall 2010

THEA 101   Acting I

BCOM 350  Scriptwriting for Film & Television (FILM 201/BCOM 271 or BCOM 325)

BCOM 366  Video Editing, Aesthetics & Techniques  (BCOM 266 or FILM 201 or permission)

BCOM 367  Field Production (spring) (BCOM 366)

BCOM 376  Film Production for Television (fall) (BCOM 367)

FILM 482     Film Production Workshop (FILM 201) (482 may be repeated)

FILM 486    Film Studies Capstone (spring only) (major in film and senior standing)

2) Electives (12 hours)

Students must take four of the following courses, including at least two in the world cinema category and one in the genres & theory category. Other courses may be approved as a restricted elective upon approval of the faculty advisor in the major and the program coordinator.

*Note: ENG 200 Literature is a pre-requisite to many of the required and elective ENG courses in the major.

Genres & Theory

ANTH 448  Visual Anthropology (Junior level or higher)

BCOM 378 Film Animation (fall)                                                                                                               Download the Film Major Brochure

ENG 309    Documentary Film (fall odd years) (ENG 200 or permission)

ENG 365    Film Adaptation (fall) (ENG 200)

ENG 465    Film Genres (spring) (ENG 200 and either FILM 201 or ENG 365)

ENG 466    Film Theory (fall odd years) (ENG 366, 365; FILM 201, or permission of instructor)

FILM 399    Special Topics in Film (Genre and theory topics) (may be repeated in different topics)

World Cinema

BCOM 481 Problems in Mass Communication [Special Topic: World Cinema /Study Abroad]

ENG 366    History of Narrative Film (spring even years) (ENG 200)

ENG 368    Japanese Cinema in Translation (ENG 200)  (course suspended 2012)

FILM 369    World Cinema (FILM 201 or permission)

FILM 399    Special Topics in Film -- International Cinema Topic

FREN 450  Topics in Francophone Cinema (ENG 200)

GERM 437 German Literature and Film (GERM 314 or equivalent)

PS 303        Politics and Film

SPAN 490   Hispanic Cinema (SPAN 370 or SPAN 371 plus one other 300-level class)

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