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IT Division - Accounts

Accounts and Logins

As a faculty, staff, student or alumni of WKU, you could have several IT accounts and IDs assigned to you that enable you to login to various computer systems, applications and online services at WKU. These accounts will typically have a username (login ID) and a password or PIN. It is your responsibility to manage and protect your IT accounts and login information. You need to become knowledgeable on how to use your accounts to login to the many online services at WKU and to change and reset your passwords and PIN.

For Help, please call the IT Helpdesk @ (270) 745-7000.

Important Account Points

  • WKUID and PIN -- The WKUID (800#) is your main identification number at WKU. You need to memorize it and your PIN.
  • NetID Account -- The NetID is the "Universal" login account for accessing most WKU systems and services. Examples of major systems and services you access with your NetID are:
    • Blackboard (Ecourses)
    • TopNet
    • WKU Portal
    • Email
    • Computer Labs
    • Wireless Network
    • MyStuff
 Last Modified 4/29/14