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Energy Conservation and Parking Lot Closures

In order to maximize energy savings initiatives, Parking & Transportation Services will be turning lights off in low use parking lots during Thanksgiving break.  The following lots will close at dusk:              

  • Adams Street Lot
  • Campbell Lane Lot
  • Center Street Gravel Lot
  • Chestnut Street North Lot
  • Chestnut Street South Lot
  • Creason Lot
  • Kentucky Street Lot
  • Normal Lot
  • PS2
  • South Campus Lot
  • University Blvd Lot

These lots will not be lit after dark. “LOT CLOSES AT DUSK” signs will be placed at the entrance of these lots.  Click HERE to view the Intersession Map

Lights in Adams Street Lot, Creason, Kentucky Street Lot, and PS2 will be activated the evening of Saturday, November 30th for the home football and basketball games.  

Additional parking and transportation information is available on the PTS website at: http://www.wku.edu/transportation

Thank you and have great Thanksgiving!



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