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Kyle G. Allen, Coordinator, Media Relations - Athletics

Jerry R. Corbitt, Police Officer - WKU Police

Brittany L. Gonzalez, Building Services Attendant - Facilities Management

Amanda D. Hause, Financial Aid Counselor - Student Financial Assistance

Hannah K. King, Academic Advisor/Recruiter - WKU-Owensboro

Elizabeth R. Mills, Communications Officer - WKU Police

Wayne D. Nelson, Building Services Attendant - Facilities Management

Adeirele V. Oderinde, Assistant Coach - Athletics

Daniel F. Pawley, Library Technology Consultant - Library Public Services

Thomas L. Roberts, Building Services Attendant - Facilities Management

Roy Spurgeon, Building Services Attendant - Facilities Management

Douglas H. Wagner, Coordinator, HRL - Housing & Residence Life

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Speed Limit Changes

Speed Limit Reduced on Normal and State Streets

 Last Modified 7/22/13