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Funny Monkeys Template Site

Funny MonkeysIn 2017, IT's Web Development Group in conjunction with Public Affairs' Department of Creative Web Services released new templates for OU Campus.  The aim of these templates were to not only make the university website more up to date but to also give the website editors more flexibility.

This site has been set up to show the flexibility of the website templates.  You are now able to accomplish multiple page layouts from one page template through the page properties.  If you have any questions please contact the IT Helpdesk through any of the methods on the contact IT page.

Why Funny Monkeys

We chose the site /funnymonkeys because we figured that there would not be any departments who would want that alias.  Also, who can't look at a picture of a funny monkey and not smile.

No monkeys were harmed by WKU in the creation of this site.  All pictures were randomly found on Google.


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 Last Modified 9/22/17