Western Kentucky University

Tony Liang

Tony Liang

2nd year graduate student, historic preservation track

 tony liang



Tony's Chinese name is 公博(Gongbo), but most of his friends call him Tony, even in China. He graduated from Northeastern University (China) with a BA of Video Game Design, which was kind of far from folklore studies. However, Tony noted that it might become a part of folklore because folklore is a tradition of a group people.

Tony was involved in folklore when he was in college, but he didn't recognize it at the time. He followed a group of scholars in China who worked with Chinese paper-cutting. They tried to claim Chinese paper-cutting is a part of world heritage.



Tony hopes he can find an internship in museum during the coming winter.


Interesting facts:

Tony has really been enjoying his time at Western Kentucky University and Bowling Green, KY. "Bowling Green is totally different with my hometown. I am from Shenyang, China, one of the largest cities. It has more than 700 million people. However, the area is not too much larger than Bowling Green. Here there is more quiet, lots of trees, and white squirrels."

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