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Renee Pinkston

Renee Pinkston

"I grew up with folklore all around me; my family is steeped in superstitions, stories, and folk beliefs that I have heard since I can remember. Now I can put a name to all of it and actually study it."

Renee Pinkston smiles.

Educational Highlights:

Renee has a B.A. in Anthropology with concentrations in Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology from Western Kentucky University. She also has a minor in Geology. Renee was active in many archaeology projects during her undergraduate education, such as Living Archaeology Weekend and teaching Forensic Anthropology to Girl Scouts. Her hard work earned her the Outstanding Graduate in Archaeology Award.

Next at WKU:

Renee wants to use her backgrounds in Archaeology and Anthropology and find a way to intertwine the two. She hopes to study the folklore of material culture and artifacts too.

On the Inside:

Renee is from Leitchfield, Kentucky. She loves cooking, reading, and crafting. As a self-proclaimed armchair meteorologist, she checks local radar up to ten times daily. She also loves rocks and fossils, proven by her growing collection.

Renee in a Word: Loyal

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