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Kaitlyn Berle

Kaitlyn Berle 


Kaitlyn Berle


Personal Background

I'm from Bath, Ohio, which is south of Cleveland.

Educational Background

I went to Ohio State and my majors were English and Political Science. I tried to take as many folklore classes as I could through the English department.

Professional Background

While I was in college, I worked at the Center for Folklore Studies at Ohio State.

Why Folklore?

I took a class called "Intro to Folk" that Ray Cashman taught. We did an oral history project that I ended up working on for several years. I got really into talking to people and hearing their stories.

Fun Fact

I have a great dog! She is the best thing I ever got for free on Craig's List!

What's your favorite word or phrase that sounds like a swear word? 

I can't think of a favorite. I think I actually just swear a lot.

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