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Jacob Buechler

Jacob Buechler

"I was drawn to Folklore because it was the only academic discipline that would engage the questions I was asking and educate me to find the answers."

 Jacob Buechler sitting in a classroom.

Educational Highlights:

Jacob earned his B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Arkansas. During his undergraduate education, Jacob researched Egyptian funerary practices. He also studied Native American iconography and rock-art.

Next at WKU:

Jacob's folklore interests include: folk belief, folk narrative, vernacular religion, and supernatural folklore. He wants to use folk studies to investigate how people use space and fear. Jacob wants to study why certain places become tied to fear, such as in haunted houses and other spatial areas.

On the Inside:

Jacob is from Illinois, but he spent the better part of his life in Huntsville, Alabama. In his spare time, Jacob likes to play guitar and write music. He also dabbles in fiction writing.

Jacob in a Word: Echt

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