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Danielle Brown

Danielle Brown

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Office:  TCCW 355
Email:  danielle.brown@wku.edu


131 Anatomy and Physiology

334 Animal Behavior


Dr. Brown's research interests span wildlife behavior, ecology and the conservation of large mammals. She has collaborated with researchers from the Smithsonian Institution, the Max Planck Institute (Germany) and the New York State Museum.  Dr. Brown's graduate work focused on the behavioral ecology of anteaters in Panama, Guyana, and Brazil; currently she is submitting her dissertation work for publication and investigating new avenues for research in Africa. A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Brown was an All-American track and field athlete in college, specializing in the triple jump.  She has joined the faculty at WKU as a post-doctoral researcher with Dr. Schulte.  When she is not in the field, Dr. Brown teaches Animal Behavior and Human Anatomy and Physiology.


 B.S. in biology from Cornell University
 M. Sc. & Ph. D. in Animal Behavior from the University of California, Davis


Brown, D.D., Kays, R., Wikelski, M., Wilson, R., Klimley, P.A. Observing the unwatchable through acceleration logging of animal behavior, Animal Biotelemetry, 2013, 1:20.

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