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Over 13 million adults 65 years of age and older will fall this year resulting in over $50 billion in health care costs. The good news is effective health promotion programs can help reduce falls. The bad news, adherence and retention are typically less than 50% because older adults believe exercise programs are painful and not very much fun. To address this problem, Dr. Jason Crandall created Bingocize®, a socially engaging group-based program that combines exercise, health education, and the widely popular game of bingo.  Our research team successfully tested Bingocize® and found over 90% of  older adults were retained over the course of the 10-week program PLUS they significantly improved physical, social, and mental health.  Bingocize® is delivered live by a trained lay leader either face-to-face or using the Bingocize® web-based app.  With critical endorsements from the United States Administration for Community Living and Department of Agriculture, we offer Bingocize® licenses, online training, program materials and equipment, and merchandise to nursing homes, assisted living, senior centers, and hospital trauma centers across the US and the world. In fact, the program is now in communities in over 40 different states!


ACL/NCOA approved for Title IIID funds

Bingocize® is an evidence-based program (EBP) that meets the highest-level criteria for evidence-based disease prevention and health promotion programs, as established by the Active Community Living/ Administration on Aging (ACL/AoA) Evidence-Based Programs Review Committee.

Bingocize® qualifies for Title IIID or other applicable discretionary funds. Title III-D of the Older Americans Act (OAA) OAA provides grants to states and territories based on their share of the population aged 60 and older for programs, like Bingocize®, that support healthy lifestyles and promote healthy behaviors.


SNAP-Ed Nutrition Education Approved

Bingocize® is approved to be included in the SNAP-Ed* Toolkit as an evidence-based nutrition intervention and is eligible for purchase using SNAP-Ed funds.


Bingocize® can be offered REMOTELY!

Playing Bingocize® Online is especially impactful because it allows Bingocize® to be played remotely, while still socially engaging the older adults with the facilitator and one another….an important need in today’s world.  Our Account Management Team at Fresh Baby can provide demonstrations of Bingocize® Online upon request.  They can be reached at accountservice@freshbaby.com  




Bingocize Video Video Preview

Why Exercise Matters

Exercise can help prevent chronic diseases and falls in older adults, but unfortunately, less than 15% of older adults exercise regularly.  Many older adults report that traditional exercise programs are not enjoyable, leading to inactivity and related health issues. Bingocize® offers a unique solution that mixes exercise, health education, and bingo to help overcome health problems in participants across the entire spectrum of care. It’s completely adaptable for all types of facilities and is beneficial for all ranges of physical and mental ability. Evidence shows social, cognitive, and physical improvements from doing Bingocize®, and the best part is that it's fun and affordable!


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Contact our client management team at Fresh Baby to request further information about Bingocize®





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