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Pre-Physical Therapy Suggested Program of Study

The following program is not required, but is highly recommended.  This program meets the entrance requirements for the vast majority of physical therapy schools as well as the general education requirement here at WKU.  You should however, consult with your advisor about your individual situation, especially concerning your major and minor course of study.

Note:  This is merely a suggested course of study, your actual program can be tailored to your needs and interests, consequently the timing of these courses may vary significantly from the table below.

Year Biology Chemistry Math Physics Cat. A (12 Hrs.) Cat. B (9 Hrs.) Cat. C (9 Hrs.) Cat. E (3 Hrs.) Cat. F (2 Hrs.)

Fr. 1st Sem.

BIOL 120 (3)

BIOL 121 (1)

CHEM 120 (3)

CHEM 121 (2)

MATH 117 (3)

  ENG 100 (3)        

Fr. 2nd Sem.

BIOL 122 (3)

BIOL 123 (1)

CHEM 222 (3)

CHEM 223 (2)


COMM 145 (3)

or Elective

HIST 119 or 120 (3)


So. 1st Sem.


BIOL 131 (4)


MATH 183 (3)

PHYS 231 (3)

PHYS 232 (1)

Foreign Lang. (3)

ENG 200 (3)      

So. 2nd Sem.


BIOL 231 (4)


PHYS 332 (3)

PHYS 233 (1)

    PSY 100 (3) or Elective or Elective

Jr. 1st Sem.


*           PSY 199 (3) or Elective or Elective

Jr. 2nd Sem.

      ENG 300 (3) or Elective or Elective    

Sr. 1st Sem.

*         or Elective or Elective    

Sr. 2nd Sem.

*         or Elective or Elective or Elective or Elective


* Check with your advisor concerning additional biology courses to complete a major or minor.  Courses that will assist in your preparation for your first 2 years of physical therapy school include:  BIOL/CHEM 446/447 Biochemistry, BIOL 327 Genetics, BIOL 226/227 Microbial Biology, BIOL 321 Comparative Anatomy, AH 290 Medical Terminology, and EXS 311 Physiology of Exercise.

One or two courses in Psychology as well as a course in Statistics are required by most physical therapy schools and is suggested by other pre-professional schools.

The major + minor must total a minimum of 54 hours (48 of which are unduplicated).  Alternatively, a student may opt for a 48 hour major and not minor.  A total of 120 hours are required for graduation.

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